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Another Drumroll!!

Our Love

The entrance by the so-called posh work-at-home mommy blogger!! Yup! Here I am..apart from my tight schedule, I guess I managed to contribute some to this blog..and damn!! I can’t find correct word to start with! Well I am not the proper well-mannered language moderator as the other author~~ yeah to you dear friend, Ares..I am just writing and blabbing and hopefully you can find these 2 different creatures, even having so many differences, and yet we shared the same thing and interest, that what brought us together, to co-write this silly and yet knowledgeable blog (as we would defend it) ..

I am a mother to a beautiful, precious, tiny angel, I called ms lil one..and she is the one and the only reason, I live my life for. I am also a long distance wife, where I only meet my husband on the weekend every fortnightly. I am a proud owner to my small home based business where I work my a** off every night and day. I used to be at the top of my career, a Senior Mechanical Engineer, who by 9 am, dreamt about being at home with her baby..and that lead to ‘a dream come true’ moment, after contemplating about the decision for god knows how many months, and I never regret a single bit of it.

Okie dokie..enough for the introduction, mind my language and I am just a simple easy-going person, that love to share everything about life, love and being a mommy (at very mature age..LOL!)

Abby Sue


Introducing… *drumroll please*

I’ve been deferring to commence this blog for quite some time now. Having glimpses of epiphanies and ideas about this blog was indeed exciting but materializing it into anecdotes, really tested me.  I came to a friend (which later became my partner) and blurted out my vision about a blog regarding parenting particularly surviving motherhood. Turned out that we both shared the same perspective. We wanted to build a blog dedicated to Malaysian mothers especially and all moms all over the world generally.  I know there are heaps of this kind of blogs scattering throughout the blogosphere that are already established and well-known in this niche. But we’re here not to compete, we are here to join in the fun and share our piece of the pie.

Let me introduce myself ~ I’m Ares, a mother of 2 cutest, quick-witted, smart mouth, handful kids (a boy and a girl). A part time single stay-at-home-mom (because my husband works on an oilfield with 14 days on/off rotation basis).  I am what I like to be known as a laid back-bohemian-reuse+reduce+recycle freak who is very hardcore towards keeping the planet green. Or at least I tried to.  Used to work with an environmental consultants company, as a researcher and holding scrolls in wood and furniture technology, makes my life seems more blended with nature and the environment.

I’m also the owner of  a kooky blog called {Inside the Head of} The Psychedelicious Mom.

I will co-manage this blog with my partner Abby Sue, a posh work-at-home mommy blogger. So I’ll let her tell you about herself in the next post.

This type of serious, solemn writing does not really portray who I am and does not come close to mimic the name of this blog – Qwerkees (the 2 quirky moms, geddit?) But as this is my first post on this newborn blog, I’m feeling a little bit jittery and antsy. Hopefully the real me will come out eventually and we gonna rock this party, baby!