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Frustration over..


As a mother to a 2 year old toddler it is very frustrating when she always refuse to take any food. Yes! Any type of food. She is only depends on her milk, which I have to change it with complete nutrition, since she was 1 year old due to her weight reduction.

Every time our visit to Pediatrics we always ask her, what should we do. We have tried everything, every meal. We always end up with frustration.

When one day she ate almost 3 complete courses, I guess I was the happiest mother on earth. I can’t force her, she is only 2, and to make it worst, she would cry her heart out when I ask her to open her mouth and swallow the food.

For time being, I am settle with the complete meal from the milk. She is not gaining weight much, but at least she is not underweight. I am still waiting until she understands the instruction completely. What I do now, is still include her during our meal time, eat or not, is another story.

I’ve been praying that she one day would have her meal like other kids.

p/s : Some say, because she is staying home with me, she gets less influence from other kids, that makes her refuse to eat. I dunno, perhaps!

Abby Sue


Recipes for Your Picky Eaters

I might try these recipes for my kids. I say I might because my kids are so picky that they would even turn their nose on picky eaters recipes. That’s how picky they are. Tapi belum cuba belum tahu, right?

Sandwich Recipes for Picky Eaters by The Deen Brothers


Good Stuff To Know

How to go green in your home and save too..

The 10 Surprising Sources of MSG

14 Most Controversial Parenting Stories of 2010


Gardening – Outdoor and Indoor

I love gardening and if I can pick from my garden the herbs or ingredients that were used in my cooking, that would be extra bonus. It’s so easy to make me happy, heheh.

So far, my so-called garden is a lil’ patch at my front yard. I grew kaffir lime, turmeric leaves, galangal and a generous papaya tree (which I did not plant – it grew up by itself and has been producing endless fat papayas that I just gave away to neighbors, family and passers-by almost everyday). Thank God for papaya trees.

My mini jaguar was lazing under the sun with the papaya tree as the background.

The rests are just flower plants like birds of paradise, periwinkle and many others. (Post borrowed from my other blog)

I’m working on adding up my collection of herbs and the idea of growing them indoors in tiny lil’ pots is not a bad one either. Fresh herbs directly to your plates. I like the sound of it. Maybe some lemongrass, daun pandan, cili api, curry leaves and basil would be nice. After reading this post, I’m all excited!

Time for herbs shopping!


Save Money, Eat Better, Help the Environment

Here’s a good website for finding out how long will your favorite food or beverage stay safe and tasty and the best way to store it. Just type any food/beverage you wanna know about or you can browse according to category in the search box on the page.

And voila! You’ll get the recommendation of food storage and how long can you keep it including some useful tips.

Use this as your ultimate shelf life guide.


Green Tips of the Day

This can fall under handmade or crafts project but I think it’s more ‘green’ here..

8 Ways to Reuse Old T-Shirts – just love it!

And this is what every housewives should know. Keep these au naturel items within reach, folks!

11 Must-Have Healing Remedies


No Gadgets, No Gizmos, Just You..

I think this is the answer that we’ve been looking for. Video games on steroids.. err.. make it ecstasy. Heh. I didn’t mean it in a bad way. It’s just that your kids (or you) don’t have to be glued to the couch anymore. This controlling free gaming means your whole body is working. Fun for the whole family. I want one!

Xbox 360 Kinect

Perfect for this festive season.