Green & Safe

Have you ever heard about Stainless Steel Baby Bottles? Yes, feeding bottles for your baby made from stainless steel. It is more or less like can thermos that you easily can find from any local market. However, the manufacturer has designed amazingly to be used for babies.

We’ve heard about plastic bottles nowadays and how most country especially in Europe has banned the plastic usage for drinking bottles.

Plastic is well known for the BPA contain in their chemical structure and this BPA has done more harm rather than good, especially to infants. You can read about BPA here and the reason why, most baby bottles are now with BPA free logo. However, plastic baby bottles with BPA Free are still harmful and still need regular change and are not advised to be used for more than 6 months.

Even tho this SS bottles are quite expensive but it is worth every cent you’ve spent. The bottles are actually last for a life time! Yes! Life time! You only buy it once and never need to change very frequently unlike the plastic bottles which the life cycle is only 6-12 month only. You can change the teats to sippy spout any time, and it fits perfectly with local brands such Dr Brown and Avent’s teats and accessories.

Honestly as a mother, I love stainless steel compare to plastic, one of the reasons is, it is easy for cleaning purposes. I used to own 8 plastics bottles before, because, to clean every and each bottles will take at least 15 minutes per bottle, by sterilizing it, soak it, soap it and still to remove the smell and stain from plastic bottles was very annoying!! When I started using stainless steel, I only need 2 bottles, especially at night time. I only wash and rinse it once and all the bad smell is no longer there. Try one if you wanna see the different. I asked many moms, who are using plastic bottles, and they all have the same answer when I asked, how many plastic baby bottles do you have at home, and most will answer 5-8 pcs. Ridiculous right?

Start being green and safe at the same time. How we always take things for granted, especially something that will make our life easier. We always forget that we can make a different by starting small and try educate our younger generation to be more aware of the green issue.

You can read more on the product of PURAKIKI Stainless Steel Bottles here :

And to those from Malaysia, you can now get it from BabyPinkCollection and own your very 1st stainless steel baby milk bottles!

No more plastic usage!

Abby Sue

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