Baby Wearing

Have you all try the ring sling? Well I’ve heard and saw this for the first time through my cousin’s wife. When I saw she was wearing it, my first impression was WOW! Never came across my mind before that we have such thing, and I never saw people using it unless the maids from Indonesian using kain batik..well it is their tradition to wrap their babies in the sling, and go to farm..same with Vietnamese. Theirs are slightly conventional using kain sarung or kain batik, tying the knot (kind of complicated actually, seeing my sister’s maid doing it), and again the Westerns are actually modernized the tradition by using different type of fabric and much simpler way of using it..

Qlea and I when she was about 3 months old

For the first timer like me when I was purchasing it last 10 months, of course it was kind of awkward. Plus feeling so unsecured about the safety of your baby, but I get used to it eventually. My problem was my baby didn’t like to be wrapped inside the RS, if we were outdoors, because it was kind of hot. I choose silk rather than cotton type fabric, to avoid such, but still she don’t like it. Plus, I need to carry her like a kangaroo mom..hehe

When she grew much older and steadier, I tried again, especially when we were at the shopping malls and hospital. Guess what? She will easily fell asleep in it, and refused to be placed in the stroller. So my solution is to ensure I will include the RS in the stroller basket, in case she needs a little cuddle before going to sleep.

Last 1st Jan 2010, my hubby took us for a ride in the monorail, since her stroller is too bulky to be off and on board, so I decided to carry her in the RS. Well she is already 1 year 2 months, and to carry her without the stroller or sling, will ending up with numbness and backache of course. When I placed her inside, the train trip became sleep trip for her.

Nowadays, there are so many RS in the market. Mostly are handmade (so nice!) and come in various types of fabric for you to choose. For those with extra budget maybe they can choose the silk with reversible fabric which cost about RM180 – RM260, and to those that prefer cottons you can choose RS as low as RM60 in the market, especially from local blogshops.

Advantages of the RS?

So easy handling tantrum kids, especially when they are sleepy and still refuse to sleep
Less depending on the pacifier when they want to sleep
They feel the closeness, the warmth of your body, and they feel secured!
When you are breast feeding, you actually can have the remaining of the RS as your cover. Even in public area, when people are coughing or sneezing, you just can simply bring the remaining, and covers your child’s face with it!
Very convenient, just fold it and put in your diaper bag, or just leave one in the car, in case you are too lazy to bring out the stroller, like me..heheh..
When you are at home cleaning r cooking ( err..not near the fire eh) you still can do your work whilst entertaining their tantrums.

Guys, I still have friends that have their first impression of, alahai, macam orang indon..bare in mind that our narrow minded have lead the mat salleh to improvise the Asian tradition and making profit of it..and plus, BABY WEARING is a trend now!

Join us in Malaysian Baby Wearing to have complete idea how to wear and what type of wearing that suits you!


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