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Recipes for Your Picky Eaters

I might try these recipes for my kids. I say I might because my kids are so picky that they would even turn their nose on picky eaters recipes. That’s how picky they are. Tapi belum cuba belum tahu, right?

Sandwich Recipes for Picky Eaters by The Deen Brothers



Working From Home Mom

Working From Home Mom (WAHM) is a trend!

Sounds easy, looks simple and very tempting.

But where to start?

Nowadays you can see almost everybody is trying to start their own business, especially via online. But least of them actually know how. I myself have my own business, and I can say that I am satisfied with it, and it went so far very smoothly and as the way I want it to be.

Reason I chose to have my own business especially online business was because I have to resign from my work and stay home to care for my lil one at that time was almost 1-year-old. I didn’t take overnite thinking and tender my resignation the next day. It took me almost 5 months to consider it, and cracked my head what do I have as backup plan, to support my family.

I left my fix income salary, to stay at home, to be with my lil one, and of course, i need to cut off some of the luxury we used to have. To avoid that, I tried to build a business that I believe I can rely on and the business can work with me instead I work with the business.

I figured all everything by myself.

First and foremost, find something that you are truly passionate with. There are so many things in your life that you wish you could do, but there is only one thing that will keep you go on. A business without passion won’t be a successful business. Passion will drive you to do anything.

I have passion towards crafting and arts. I started my first business as the hairclips designer. My designs attracted most of lovely moms out there. I was still working at that time, and have to stay up until 4 am to finish my sewing to fulfill the customers’ order. I went off to office at 6.30 am. Some people asked, how did you do it? I said passion drove me. I love doing what I do, and I was satisfied every time I produced a good product.

Suits your lifestyle

Secondly, find something you are passionate with and suits your life as a working at the office mom, or as a stay home mom. When I decided to leave my job, I’ve been thinking that selling hairclip won’t do much to support our lifestyle and plus, I won’t have time to sit and sew, whilst taking care my demanding lil one. So I was seeking further on my next passion.

I love shopping especially on high-end baby stuff since I had my 1st born, and I found that it is very hard to find such in Malaysia especially. I did some research, and since I was so a great customer to a supplier, he gave me a chance to start selling high-end strollers. I was excited, as my 1st stroller sold, and that was my 1st pocket-money that was so fulfilling! I believed I can do this. My husband gave his full support, and 3 months before my last day at the office, I sold almost 6 strollers!! I walked out from the conglomerate building with pride and confidence that I managed to do this! It was 10 months ago, and now, I have almost 6000 Facebook followers! I am proud of what I earned, and what I’ve done to make sure I have a business that will work with me, whenever I want and wherever I need. I am enjoying the sweetness from my fruits of success!

What will make your business different from others?

Be different, be bold. Find something that makes people looking only you for what their need. Google and do research before you start your business. For example selling baby clothes is a trend now. If you wanna start one, what makes yours different from others? Be creative, create new trend, don’t be afraid to start a trend. If you just another seller next door, trust me, you’ll find that, your business will not be able to attract even a cat on the street. You will end up with frustration and unmotivated.

Don’t be the follower, BE THE SETTER!

Baby shops are everywhere. Some people when they see a successful blog selling baby clothes, then they started to have their own, in hope they will soon be as successful as the seller. But they are lack of passion, that is when things like late in replying emails, nasty words when customers asking for the delivery, and not able to pick up calls or reply a sms. They wanna do what others do, but they didn’t do it correctly. At the end, the business is stagnant.

We Malaysians always have the ‘wanna be’ spirit, with lack of attitude. I am following the big footsteps of all the successful businessmen and women. I learn what makes them, who they are now. I will not follow what they are doing, I will not selling another Peugeot cars, I will not gonna have another low-cost airlines, or not gonna have another typical baby shops. I will build the business in my way, on my demand and definitely at my own time.

I am not the best person for giving you guys business advise, but I definitely talk from my heart. My experience as a businesswoman and a mother. I have no multi million business yet, but my business is what I build upon my passion, my attitude, my boldness and my strength.

Abby Sue

Keeping Up With The Kardashian

Reading Kourtney Kardashian’s experience of being a first time mom, I can’t help but smile coz that’s exactly what I was going through too. I never held a baby too before my own. I didn’t trust other people to look after my babies. I didn’t own every single baby gadgets in this planet but I was fine with it. I slept with my babies coz I was nursing fulltime. Baby crib? Who needs that when you have mommy and daddy sleeping by your side? I was constantly hungry but I never gained weight. I was skinny, except for the boobs. They’re exceptional. Heh. I built fort of pillows too around my bed to protect my kids. Being with my kids from day 1 beats all the profession in the world. Yup.

Here’s 10 Things on Motherhood You Didn’t Know About Kourtney Kardashian.

xoxo Ares

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