When I told him, I don’t have you in my heart anymore
He said, you are always in mine

When I told him, pack your things and leave
He said, I am here to stay begging for your forgiveness

When I told him, how you’ve hurt my feeling
He said, I’ve no intention of doing so, and I am sorry

When I told him, I do not need you in my life anymore
He said, I just can’t live my life without you

When I told him, why should I forgive you
He said, I won’t forgive myself until you do

When I insist him to leave, he insisted to he said, love like ours only comes once in his life..and in my heart I smiled and I know I have the same feeling too..

Marriage is more than is deeper and beyond than that. Compasionate, companionship, intimacy, trustworthy, feelings, forgiveness and patience.

Abby Sue


Raising Adolescent Children Part 2

OK I have to admit, that I am an overly protective mom. When they were babies, I never trusted anyone to look after them. My husband is not always around (due to his nature of job), so I have mastered the skill of managing two tiny tots on my own (with occasional help from my family and friends, of course). As they grew, I learnt to let go.. bit by bit. I can go to meetings, gatherings or makan date without having to bring them now. And they’re not so keen on tailing me too. So having a play-date at Opah’s is the most anticipated thing for them.

Looking back, I thought ‘where did all the years go?’ Once they were newborn, bundled in baby blankets, so small and fragile. And next they’re this talking little man and woman who jumps and screams and spread toys all over the house and ask very deep question like ‘is the judgement day around the corner, coz it’s been flooding around the world and with all the earthquakes and tsunamis and volcanoes and wars going on.. it’s near, right mom?’. And continued playing as if what he asked was just ‘why is the composition of nitrogen in the atmosphere is 79% and oxygen is only 20%? aren’t human breathe on oxygen? why do we need nitrogen that much?’ Well, actually he did asked me on that one too. Hahah.

What sort of questions would you expect your kids to ask? The time would come when they come to you and ask about the birds and the bees. Would you ask them to look it up for themselves. ‘Google it, mate.’ Or would you take your time and explain it to them as sagacious as you can.

With all the social ills and immorality issues going on, it’s hard to control whatever information our kids absorb from around them. Plus the western influences of music and culture, drug addiction, unsafe sex, baby dumping, stealing, gangster-ism, human trafficking, abducting, rape, vandalism, remp-it and even murder, we live in fear that we can never cocoon our children into safety forever. One way or another, whether we like it or not, we have to let our kids go. See the world. Learn. Experience life.

What we do is to guide them.

The most challenging years would be the teenage years where hormones and peer pressure take over and we will face the toughest task of all. During this time, there would be almost nothing we can do to make them behave or plainly do as they’re told. If by forcing them to listen or obey to our rules would make them run away or become more rebellious or resent us even more, we become helpless and blame ourselves as failures, then I say we should find a win-win solution.

Start from when they’re small. Be their friend. Get involve in their lives. Develop a warm and tight bond with our children. If we have a strong healthy relationship with our kids, believe me it will flourish right until their adulthood. Dan yang paling penting.. dekatkan mereka dengan agama. Sekiranya spiritual mereka bersih, maka insyaAllah ianya akan terpancar dengan sendiri.


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Raising Adolescent Children Part 1

My best friend just called and we talked about how frustrating it is raising an adolescent child in this so-called technology era. Her first-born is a 14 year-old handsome athletic boy who’s oozing with hormones and curiosity of the opposite gender. He has a girlfriend whom he sees everyday and texts every other minute. Yup, that’s what normal teenager do.

Being a protective mother, she can’t help but keep a close eye on where her kids whereabouts (she had 2 more girls of the age 12 and 9), what they’re doing, who’re their friends, stuff like that. The thing with teenage boys (or girls), they will lie, steal, cut school/classes just for the fun of it. Spanking, scolding or punishment will be considered if needed but not always.

Sometimes their action is derived from peer pressure, sometimes it’s because they crave attention (from busy barely at home parents), sometimes it’s a sign of rebellion (of overly protective parents maybe?) and sometimes it’s just plain curiosity. They find solace in like-minded friends.

It’s almost impossible for me to get him to behave or at least be a bit discipline and responsible in his action, she rattled. Her husband said she was treating her son like a 5 year-old kid and obviously he doesn’t like the way she deal with the situation. His approach is more like a cool dad, hang out with the kids, give ’em everything they want and shower them with money and materials which makes him the favorite and her the tyrant. Which we (me and my bestie) think is not such a good idea in the long run.

So how do you raise your adolescent children the right way?

I don’t have a clue either as big bro is 7+ and lil’ sis is 5++, I will have the same dilemma in a few years time because right now my kids are totally dependent on me. They look up to me as an authority. Wait til the moment that they won’t need me as much and everything will be revolve around friends and socializing. Oh I cringe thinking for that moment.

For the time being, kids will be kids, teens will be teens. And moms well, will be.. outwit.


Found a way

Since I am too busy to sit down and write in front of the lappy, I tried finding another way for me to blog, via my blackberry.

Finally I managed to download the application in my BB and start writting!! What a convenient!

To those who loves blogging but too busy, n too occupied with their Blackberry, u may download WordPress via this application :

I hope by having this application, I can blog anytime anywhere that I want. Well, as a stay home mom and a businesswoman at the same time, it’s hard for me to find time to sit and blog, even for 5 minutes.

Good luck to all blogger mommy!

Abby Sue

Green & Safe

Have you ever heard about Stainless Steel Baby Bottles? Yes, feeding bottles for your baby made from stainless steel. It is more or less like can thermos that you easily can find from any local market. However, the manufacturer has designed amazingly to be used for babies.

We’ve heard about plastic bottles nowadays and how most country especially in Europe has banned the plastic usage for drinking bottles.

Plastic is well known for the BPA contain in their chemical structure and this BPA has done more harm rather than good, especially to infants. You can read about BPA here and the reason why, most baby bottles are now with BPA free logo. However, plastic baby bottles with BPA Free are still harmful and still need regular change and are not advised to be used for more than 6 months.

Even tho this SS bottles are quite expensive but it is worth every cent you’ve spent. The bottles are actually last for a life time! Yes! Life time! You only buy it once and never need to change very frequently unlike the plastic bottles which the life cycle is only 6-12 month only. You can change the teats to sippy spout any time, and it fits perfectly with local brands such Dr Brown and Avent’s teats and accessories.

Honestly as a mother, I love stainless steel compare to plastic, one of the reasons is, it is easy for cleaning purposes. I used to own 8 plastics bottles before, because, to clean every and each bottles will take at least 15 minutes per bottle, by sterilizing it, soak it, soap it and still to remove the smell and stain from plastic bottles was very annoying!! When I started using stainless steel, I only need 2 bottles, especially at night time. I only wash and rinse it once and all the bad smell is no longer there. Try one if you wanna see the different. I asked many moms, who are using plastic bottles, and they all have the same answer when I asked, how many plastic baby bottles do you have at home, and most will answer 5-8 pcs. Ridiculous right?

Start being green and safe at the same time. How we always take things for granted, especially something that will make our life easier. We always forget that we can make a different by starting small and try educate our younger generation to be more aware of the green issue.

You can read more on the product of PURAKIKI Stainless Steel Bottles here :

And to those from Malaysia, you can now get it from BabyPinkCollection and own your very 1st stainless steel baby milk bottles!

No more plastic usage!

Abby Sue

Baby Wearing

Have you all try the ring sling? Well I’ve heard and saw this for the first time through my cousin’s wife. When I saw she was wearing it, my first impression was WOW! Never came across my mind before that we have such thing, and I never saw people using it unless the maids from Indonesian using kain batik..well it is their tradition to wrap their babies in the sling, and go to farm..same with Vietnamese. Theirs are slightly conventional using kain sarung or kain batik, tying the knot (kind of complicated actually, seeing my sister’s maid doing it), and again the Westerns are actually modernized the tradition by using different type of fabric and much simpler way of using it..

Qlea and I when she was about 3 months old

For the first timer like me when I was purchasing it last 10 months, of course it was kind of awkward. Plus feeling so unsecured about the safety of your baby, but I get used to it eventually. My problem was my baby didn’t like to be wrapped inside the RS, if we were outdoors, because it was kind of hot. I choose silk rather than cotton type fabric, to avoid such, but still she don’t like it. Plus, I need to carry her like a kangaroo mom..hehe

When she grew much older and steadier, I tried again, especially when we were at the shopping malls and hospital. Guess what? She will easily fell asleep in it, and refused to be placed in the stroller. So my solution is to ensure I will include the RS in the stroller basket, in case she needs a little cuddle before going to sleep.

Last 1st Jan 2010, my hubby took us for a ride in the monorail, since her stroller is too bulky to be off and on board, so I decided to carry her in the RS. Well she is already 1 year 2 months, and to carry her without the stroller or sling, will ending up with numbness and backache of course. When I placed her inside, the train trip became sleep trip for her.

Nowadays, there are so many RS in the market. Mostly are handmade (so nice!) and come in various types of fabric for you to choose. For those with extra budget maybe they can choose the silk with reversible fabric which cost about RM180 – RM260, and to those that prefer cottons you can choose RS as low as RM60 in the market, especially from local blogshops.

Advantages of the RS?

So easy handling tantrum kids, especially when they are sleepy and still refuse to sleep
Less depending on the pacifier when they want to sleep
They feel the closeness, the warmth of your body, and they feel secured!
When you are breast feeding, you actually can have the remaining of the RS as your cover. Even in public area, when people are coughing or sneezing, you just can simply bring the remaining, and covers your child’s face with it!
Very convenient, just fold it and put in your diaper bag, or just leave one in the car, in case you are too lazy to bring out the stroller, like me..heheh..
When you are at home cleaning r cooking ( err..not near the fire eh) you still can do your work whilst entertaining their tantrums.

Guys, I still have friends that have their first impression of, alahai, macam orang indon..bare in mind that our narrow minded have lead the mat salleh to improvise the Asian tradition and making profit of it..and plus, BABY WEARING is a trend now!

Join us in Malaysian Baby Wearing to have complete idea how to wear and what type of wearing that suits you!

Pregnancy Syndromme

This is my 2nd time pregnancy. I am now at my 4th month and growing. I’ve been suffering (more or less the correct word I can use) from numbness at my left hand. I was so worried at first, since it is so annoying and so painful especially at night.

I emailed my ObGyn and he told me, it was only because of the water retention, and that’s it. I have it since my 12th weeks pregnancy, until today. My ObGyn told me not to worry, and the supplement he gave should relief some of the numbness. Unfortunately it is not!

I tried Google and finally, I could fully understand the cause of the numbness clearly. Well, when you do finally understood what you are suffering from, it is easier for you to accept rather than to worry. Finally, I know that I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

To elaborate further I might derailed from the real story, so why not you guys who has been suffering from the same thing read more here :

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome during pregnancy

Abby Sue